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The Centre for Intermediality in Performance

Welcome to Central's Research Centres

The Centre for Intermediality in Performance explores the premiss that an increasing range of work is ‘intermedial’ where different media are combined, fused or productively co-related.

The Atrium Soundblog Project, Gregg Fisher, Donato Wharton. Theatre Noise Conference 2009.
It recognises that 'intermediality' has become current both as a term within performance and cultural discourse and as a set of practices across media.
The centre focuses on theatre and performance as a ground for intermedial practices. It explores work that operates across the boundaries of different media and disciplines, including theatre/dance, /music, /installation, /video, /photography, /digital arts, /large-scale event, /architecture, /written text.
It engages with new, emergent or refunctioned technologies in theatre and performance, including digital technologies and their applications; and the growth of performance for and through the Internet and by way of networked interactions. It explores processes of creativity and production that apply in this dynamic landscape.
The centre is international in its outlook, featuring and exploring work by international scholars and practitioners, in order to maximise the impact of its findings.


Research Areas

Broad areas for enquiry, based on current interests of participants, are as follows:

  • Telematic theatre
  • Spectator engagement in performance
  • Applications of intelligent technologies for performance
  • Gaming as a paradigm for performance /participatory events
  • Multi-modal documentation of performance
  • Mediascapes
  • Authoring across media
  • Acting across media
  • Scenographies for intermedial/interdisciplinary performance
  • Performance in actual and virtual environments
  • Music theatre
  • Performance and composition
  • Text /writing, /authoring for intermedial production